Welcome to our Webmaster Program.

We offer up to 20% commission on actual sales and recuring sales. This means that if you refer someone to us and he decides to purchase a membership for 1 month, you will receive 20% of that amount. In case that this person renews his membership, you will again recieve 20% on that renewal. Even if the person registers and decides to take a membership within a year, you will get commission on that order at that time.

We also allow you to place one link to your site at our partners page ( You will be ranked accoding to the bannervieuws generated )

If you do not have an account yet, just follow the easy steps to register yourself.

We make payouts every month with a minimum of 25€. These payouts can be done on a bankaccount ( Belgium ), Intenational Bankaccount (IBAN + BIC code required) or on a Paypal account.